1. Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied and loyal customers ensure a better business outcome.

2. Employee Commitment

Satisfied and committed employees are ambassadors of your organization.

3. Patient Satisfaction

Satisfied patients come back and recommend your organization.

Practical implementation market research

Research is done among your customers and employees where your own performance is compared with that of the competition. On the basis of a questionnaire, your customers will be interviewed by phone, via the internet or in writing about their experience of your service. Research on satisfaction provides you insight into the perception and the appreciation of your customers, patients or employees. Using statistical analyses is calculated which business processes determine the satisfaction. Based on the results of the market research, concrete improvement plans will be drawn up that you can get started immediately.

4. Organizational Change

Changing organizations meet the expectations of the customer and respond to the changing market. Quality and Marketing Advice can also help you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization. On the basis of the ”development model” the inventiveness of people and flexibility of the organization taken as a starting point. Confidence, freedom and sense of responsibility are central.

Quality and Marketing Advice also helps you to increase your profitability by organizing and supporting sales and marketing activities. Quality and Marketing Advice can develop for you together with management strategic business opportunities for the future by providing various growth strategies.

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